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Sky Crawlers

In the genre of Movies Most Likely to Bore People to Tears, Mamoru Oshii’s animé adaptation of Hiroshi Mori’s novel stands well against Kubric’s 2001~A Space Odyssey. Now that I have your attention, if you came here to read a[…]

Unclouded Thinking

When in The Cloud, do as the Angels do. Often enough a media release arrives in Throsby’s spam-encrusted inbox that he really wants to publish as a news item but can’t quite make head nor tale of it. Our beloved[…]

Missing Piece

“MY MAITLAND NOW A PUZZLE TO SOLVE” Well, two, actually. Where is the link to the jigsaw from the MyMaitland home page? Throsby went looking, as he does, for a looksee at the crossword, hoping to find a suitable image[…]

Merewether Makeover

Llewellyn Street Merewether will get new street furniture and shade trees to protect the delicate skin and sensitivities of the city’s more consequential townsfolk. The $3 million Lewellyn Street enhancement borrows design elements from the nearby Bathers Way – especially[…]

#AusPol ~ Q1 2020

We all know what happened in December. Bushfires and smoke. The PM, startled by the intrusion of Australia at his Hawaiian resort, stumbled in front of the media bus and copped a glancing blow from its unforgiving bull bar. Come[…]

SETI to Search for Intelligent Life on Earth

Fifty years of scant results steer researchers to greener pastures. Dr. Larc Nagas, Special Director of SETI’s Forward-planning Committee, today proposed a radical agenda to modify the search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. He proposed Earth be included in the search for[…]

Unless I’m Dreaming Now

…all the lonely misguided people in this dark city … experts at avoiding reality. And with good reason. I’m not sure any of us wants to know what goes on out there at 3 am in some stink-ridden alley. God[…]

The Thing After the Next Big Thing

Image by Michael Leunig . (The following is a letter to the editor of the Griffith Review from 6th September 2007 in response to an article in Edition 13 ~ Author unknown) The Next Big Thing inspired me to write[…]

Way Down Under

Ramming the Shears by Michael Leunig . Travel in Asia, Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, reveals an affectionate admiration for the peoples and lifestyle of this great sunburnt country, this wide brown land. Asians in particular regard us warmly, especially[…]

Voyage of the Forsaken

In the terror of this moment, as a rancorous ocean violently lashed our frail craft and vented torment upon us, it seemed an eternity since Carrie and I exchanged farewells on that sunny southern shore. I feared the vessel would[…]

Haiku to You Too

Haiku in English is Rafferty’s Rules. Life pours as water coalescing out of drops – Momentary time. The joy of poetry escaped me for 60 years. Still does. One magical day Haiku appeared, which so piquantly paints Japanese thought I’m[…]

Ocean Baths out to Lease?

Redevelopment of Newcastle Ocean Baths pavilion and car park underway. The paint is peeling off the walls and door frames. The toilets stink. Homeless people camp under the archways. A greasy takeaway sells overpriced ham-and-cheese rolls.” Thus spake former Waverly[…]

Post-Truth Teapot
What’s this silliness of “memes” and “#hashtags” swirling through social media in ever decreasing circles? I’m ...
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Skynet: Calling all Internet Lab Rats
New app tests how mood affects cognitive performance. How much do you think your mood affects your ...
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Bewildered by Australian’s Negativity Towards it’s Leadership?
This topic has so many levels of irony, Throsby’s not sure how rant on it. So he’ll just ...
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Blackhawk Down? Worse. Twitter Down
Throsby told them not to do it. He begged them. But, nooo, they just had to try a “new ...
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Anything But a Curate’s Egg
Throsby likes nothing better than 1.) eggs Benedict for brekky, and 2.) good news from research funded by ...
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Breaking ~ City of Newcastle Vehicles to go Electric
oh… wait
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Hunter Region Place Names
On Saturday, 11 December, 1954, someone named “Boscobel” had the following article published in the Newcastle Morning Herald. ...
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No Cruise Terminal for You, Newcastle.
Infrastructure NSW has withdrawn the $12.7 million funding for a cruise terminal project in Newcastle port. Port ...
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Gladys, the Trams Were Lovely, But What If…?
Tram Trains What if light rail cars had used the existing but opened and beautified ...
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Hunter Street History Update
Spero Davias has dropped another update on his labour of love, the History of Hunter Street, “a Historical ...
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Region Low on 2019 National Infrastructure List
Of Infrastructure Australia’s (IA) 2019 Infrastructure Priority List – comprising 121 “nationally significant” infrastructure proposals and a $58 ...
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Rocky Hill Coal ~ The Judge Who Stood Up
Climate took centre stage to oppose an open cut coal mine near Gloucester. Chief Justice Brian Preston ...
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Those Little Streets Around Hunter St Mall
View north from the top end of Morgan Street, overlooking Laing Street. One of those old-world ...
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On the Other Hand, Throsby hopes…
Less than four months after identifying a monster magnetotelluric (MT) anomaly at Ausmex’ South Australian, Burra site, Professor Graham Heinson ...
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RMIT Shits a Brick
(Dropped this on Throsby’s desk knowing exactly his headline of choice ~ Editor)  Throsby’s waited years ...
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Taunting Locals






Blue Planet

Ink Irresistable

Montaigne's what would I know? Huxley's almost anything about almost everything. Or Bierce and nothing matters. Codifying life's inimitable impromptu inclines irrestistably to essay. double arrow Ink Irresistible..

Civilization ..

 ..defiles itself

Times past when warlords, priests and royalty hoarded luxury, life was a short grim struggle. Today most want for little yet still deny dignified survival to working poor, and ravage entire countries as collateral to our laissez faire fiesta.
double arrow On not shedding a tear ..

A Century of Imperialism

 ..hasn't dulled the urge

American foreign policy never a pretty sight, finesse of the mobile crane chase from Terminator 3. Export democracy? Cure worse than disease. double arrow Read more ..

This lazy unemployed...

Odd how the ultra-wealthy gull even working poor to blame unemployed, disabled, weak, and vulnerable while but for the grace of God...

If he's a welfare leech then your soul is with the sociopaths and predators who own government and its minions, the revolving-door politician, gutting once noble nations that aspired to equality.
This elite will survive any economic train wreck, land softly on recently plundered taxpayers, then from fortresses of luxury and privilege prey elsewhere for spoils.

The dawn of civilization was greatly exaggerated.

Munch Montage

Painters, such a sad old bunch
None it seems more so than Munch
Upon that bridge with skies afire
A meme took flight to never tire.
2arrow gif More Munchies

Quote Me

"I am an obsessive rewriter, doing one draft and then another and another. In a way I have nothing to say but a great deal to add
~ Gore Vidal

"Rulers of state are the only ones who should have the privilege of lying" (Well, that explains the last 2500 years)
~ Plato

"By 'known unknowns' I was referring to the universe's dark matter.."
~ Donald Rumsfeld

"I have neither time nor inclination to communicate the fullness of my heart in speech, I am resolved to do it in writing, and to print myself out.."
~ Joseph Addison

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