Hamilton Station 1906 view west – In background: atmosphere in a city of coal-fired industries, coal-powered steam engines, and coal-heated homes. Image CC NSW Library

Hamilton is 4 kilometres west of Newcastle City. The main commercial centre is a vibrant multicultural affair.

Throsby sat at a sidewalk table awaiting his Turkish pida, 8pm one recent Sunday night. The street was as busy as at any peak hour during the week. His mind drifted as the racial mix wandered by and for a while he could have been in any great city street in the world.

Local history blog Hidden Hamilton describes people and places that comprise a collective story of immigrant Hamilton since early times.

Hamilton is such a popular suburb of Newcastle it has three Wikipedia entries: The heritage-listed railway station; the main drag, Beaumont Street; and the township itself.

Yet only a few arty pics to enjoy.

8 Donald Street

8 Donald Street October 2008

Styx Creek view south from Chinchen Street 2008  – technically the tank is in Hamilton North

Corner Hudson and Beaumont Streets 2008

Tile art near station

Tile art near station

Hamilton Station platform doodling ~ 2008 “Let’s get lunch, guys” plus some hieroglyphics – not a swastika but ancient religious symbol the Nazis appropriated.

Boreas Road North Hamilton – near a small business & industrial locale also known as Sunnyside

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