King Street

Once a lesser east-west partner of Hunter Street, King Street gained functionality as a city throughway in 1973 when it aligned with Parry Street – and notoriety for comprehensively destroying Birdwood Park.

It has long coveted Civic Park, too, but that space made friends in high council places and became untouchable. Therefore King Street fizzles out at Union Lane where it now provides the city’s most popular and successful traffic bottleneck.

King Street has little else worthy of mention other than becoming host to the city’s new crop of extravagant apartment towers, all overlooking one another.

It does, however, offer in its sparse showing of street art several Hit the Bricks Festival works.

So let’s just run down the street by address and then – like any commuter stuck at one of its tiresome traffic lights – make a dash for home.

Travelling east to west…

212 King (nearby, rear 301 Hunter St)
August 2007 

November 2019

Artist Askew’s 2013 Hit the Bricks Festival work ~ "how the environment is constantly changing us and our individual identity."
360 King St ~ Interrelate 
4 May 2008

279 King Street

A stairway joins Gibson Street. The staggered retaining wall not only challenges artists, it doesn’t help photography either.

26 December 2004

4 May 2008

20 December 2009

291 (Parking Station)
Adnate and Numbskulls multilevel “clash of styles” work on the King Street parking station.
March 2016

City Motel – aka Jolly Roger Motel

Long gone and demolished for residential high-rise. 

7 June 2009


To view movie, click image.

Interactive panorama opens in new window. Use player controls, or override with mouse/gesture click, drag, & zoom.

Ever wonder what is behind a façade while the building slowly decays? Well…

June 2009

20 December 2009

July 2013

February 2014

With derelict structures out of the way, new vistas of the inner city became briefly accessible, as did large inviting walls to creatively vent upon.

Above ~ From left, view north to east at “380” King Street.

Above ~ looking south towards King St

Is that one of AMFS’s efforts?

Resistance is never futile!

Newcastle Permanent Building Society – one of the city’s exceptionally pleasing examples of how modern architecture need not succumb to the jagged trend..

Looking south west from the floor of a former Hunter Street shop ~ maybe a long-forgotten emporium.
Love Shack – rear Steel Street
Jan 2007

146 Parry (rear facing King St)
March 2014

113 Parry St ~ East Coast Autos
7 January 2007

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