Is Low Tide More Dangerous?

New research reveals link between tide and fatal beach drowning. Fatal drowning on Australian surf beaches is more likely to occur around low tide, ...Nothing found

New Safety Standard for Projectile Toys

An updated mandatory safety standard for projectile toys has been issued today, designed to protect children from serious eye injuries or choking from toys like ...Nothing found

School Bus Seat Belts Rolling Out

Regional communities are getting 150 new school buses fitted with seatbelts, following recommendations of an independently chaired taskforce to improve the rural and ...Nothing found

Another App to Trust with Your Phone?

The government is working on an app to track our contacts but, first, it will need to pick up its privacy act. By Dr ...Nothing found

Gen Z Fastest Growing Victims of Scams

Australians under 25 lost over $5 million to scams in 2019 and reports made from this age group are increasing faster than older ...Nothing found

$11 Billion Down the Drain

Ninth wastewater report reveals Australians spend over $11.3 billion a year on drugs. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) today released the ninth report ...Nothing found

Unmarked Surveillance Cameras at Cemetery

Surveillance camera policy under revision following breach. The ‘breach’ was an inadvertent use of unmarked cameras at The Bight Cemetery, Wingham. ...Nothing found

Two Airbag Deaths – Is Your Car Listed!

Honda and Mitsubishi recall 42,000 cars due to serious airbag safety risk. Two drivers have already died in Australia after their ...Nothing found

Newcastle Emergency Operations Upgrade

City to bring emergency operations into 21st Century. Just a few weeks before the 30th anniversary of the Newcastle earthquake, a modern emergency ...Nothing found

Rock Fishing – Life Jackets Compulsory

Life jackets compulsory for rock fishing in Lake Macquarie. Lake Macquarie City Council reminds rock fishing enthusiasts that new legislation makes it compulsory ...Nothing found

New Vehicle Airbag Shrapnel Alert

Consumers warned of new airbag safety risk. Example of deployed airbags ~ Image credit David Perez The ACCC is warning ...Nothing found

HMAS Brisbane Returns to Sydney

Last Navy warship returns home in time for Christmas. HMAS Brisbane in Sydney Harbour ~ Image DoD Australia’s newest ...Nothing found

Supercars Drone Incursion

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is investigating an unauthorised drone flight at last weekend's Newcastle 500 Super Car race. CASA detected the drone flying ...Nothing found

Identity Matching Bill Redraft

Report on identity-matching strikes the right balance ~ but... A parliamentary report into the Identity-matching Services Bill 2019 and the Australian Passports Amendment ...Nothing found

Thirty Years On ~ Don’t Open that eMail Attachment

It’s been 30 years, yet this old chestnut is still doing the rounds and catching the unwary. The Emotet malware appears as a ...Nothing found

Scam text messages target Australia Post customers

Australia Post warns of widespread scam text messages telling customers there are problems delivering a package, or that a parcel won’t be delivered “due to ...Nothing found

Why Your Banking Smartphone Should only do Banking

Agent Smith malware infects 25 million Android devices globally. Australian Android users are warned not to download mobile apps from third party ...Nothing found

Residents warned about rates scam

Residents are being warned about a new phone scam that involves the caller claiming to be from Cessnock City Council and asking for payment details ...Nothing found

House Fire Safety Reminder

Among the range of appliances that can cause house fires, fan heaters and clothes dryers are the most dangerous. Pictured ~ when ...Nothing found

Same Scam, DIfferent Day

Fake recruitment ads targeting jobseekers for money laundering and possible identity theft. Scammers are targeting Australian jobseekers to steal their personal information and ...Nothing found

Aggressive Threatening Scammers Impersonate ATO

Scammers threaten immediate arrest, attempt to keep you on the line until payment is made, and become rude or aggressive. The Australian ...Nothing found

PayPal Email Scam Alert

The Australian Cyber Security Centre warns of malicious emails that are falsely telling Australians their account ...Nothing found

Kathmandu Shoppers Alert

Outdoor clothing and equipment retailer, Kathmandu reported on Wednesday that a third party had gained unauthorised access to its website. ...Nothing found

Hunter Drone Flyers Warned

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) warns Hunter region drone flyers to carefully read and follow the air safety rules. This follows ...Nothing found

WhatsApp Scam Alert

WhatsApp users are warned of a scam that could give hackers access to your WhatsApp account and ...Nothing found

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