Honey I Shrunk the Rover

Monash scientists score second place in international NASA miniature rover challenge. A team of Monash students came second in NASA’s ‘Honey I shrunk the ...Nothing found

Online Behaviour and COVID19

Why the behaviour of women on social media has changed more so than men. What Australians are searching for on social media to buy ...Nothing found

A Degree in Quantum Engineering?

UNSW Sydney has introduced the world’s first undergraduate degree in quantum engineering. The Bachelor of Quantum Engineering (Honours) will train students in advanced electronics ...Nothing found

Newcastle University Trials Printed Thin Solar

Printed solar cells are being trialled in readiness for commercial release. The University of Newcastle technology – “organic solar material” that is ultra light-weight, ...Nothing found

Drones Detect Koala Survivors

By Newcastle University's [1]  Ryan R. Witt, Adam Roff, Chad T. Beranek, and Lachlan G. Howell Last summer’s catastrophic bushfires burnt about one quarter ...Nothing found

NEMO – Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Artist's impression of merging neutron stars. This event is a source of gravitational waves ~ eso.org A compelling case has been ...Nothing found

Sewerage Spooks Sniff our Shards

Australia’s stimulant consumption among the highest in the world. Of 30 countries, Australia is fourth highest for estimated stimulant consumption - ...Nothing found

Aussie Cubesat in Orbit

An Australian-made satellite is in orbit after launching from New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula on June 13th. The M2 Pathfinder is the second ...Nothing found

Locals Develop Innovative Wind Turbine

The University of Newcastle-based start-up, Diffuse Energy, has secured $400,000 in seed funding from Australian venture capital fund, Shearwater Growth Equity, to scale production of ...Nothing found

Aussies Panic Early and Often

Research on panic shopping has shown that Australian consumers top the globe in panic buying habits – in speed and scale. By Freya Norman ...Nothing found

Co-op Housing Alternative

Could housing cooperatives be an affordable solution to Australia’s growing housing crisis? A project investigating the benefits of housing cooperatives in Australia will receive ...Nothing found

Testable Theory of Consciousness

Scientists show physics can be applied to understand the mystery of consciousness. An international study involving Monash physicists has confirmed a new ...Nothing found

Down, down, down…

Astronomers see ‘cosmic ring of fire’ from 11 billion years ago. An artist’s impression of the ring galaxy. Credit: James Josephides, Swinburne ...Nothing found

Pandemic Job Loss Mapped

Researchers map emerging disadvantage in Australia due to COVID-19 job loss. A new report reveals the areas that are most at risk of COVID-19 ...Nothing found

Hand Washing is Not Wasting Your Time

Scientific Evidence Shows Everyday Hygiene Is Essential to Help Prevent the Spread of Infections. According to a new Position Paper published in the American ...Nothing found

Sugar Gliders Choose Up-market Home

Research reveals Lake Mac glider populations. Tiny sugar gliders have moved into Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area in the latest sign the City’s ecosystems ...Nothing found

Trialling renewable methane in Australia’s gas pipelines

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will fund a “solar to gas” technology that could replace naturally-extracted methane in the East Coast Gas ...Nothing found

On Centenarians Keeping Their Marbles

People Aged 95+ Show Stronger Brain Connectivity. By Heidi Douglass Research suggests that those aged 95 and over have more activation ...Nothing found

Murray Darling Basin Formerly Lake

Historic lake could be key to better management of Murray Darling Basin. Sediment from Australia’s most important river basin, the Murray Darling Basin, reveals ...Nothing found

Platypus Survivors Tracked

By Caroline Tang Scientists expect more platypus rescues in future as climate change takes a stranglehold on their natural habitat. A ...Nothing found

New Space Telescope in WA

A joint Australia-United States Space Surveillance Telescope at Exmouth on WA’s Coral Coast is under construction. Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal ...Nothing found

Natural Contaminant Threat to Drinking Groundwater

Climate change and urbanisation are set to threaten groundwater drinking water quality. By Caroline Tang.  Groundwater is the main source ...Nothing found

Solving a mystery in 126 dimensions

After 90 years, scientists reveal the structure of benzene. One of the fundamental mysteries of chemistry has been solved by Australian scientists ...Nothing found

Asteroid Bennu Features Named

Twelve features on Asteroid Bennu, the subject of NASA’s first mission to bring an asteroid sample back to Earth, have been given official names. ...Nothing found

Caring for Stroke Patients Harder in the Bush

Research from North West Tasmania shows the difficulties in caring for stroke patients in rural Australia. The research, from the University of ...Nothing found

Astronomers Watch Young Planet Develop

Scientists rare chance to watch faraway star system evolve. At only 1% the age of the Sun, the ...Nothing found

Hunter Economy Subdued ~ HRF

Hunter businesses retain optimism but households pessimistic. Businesses’ expectations for the Hunter economy for the next 12 months somewhat optimistic and steady ...Nothing found

Artificial Atoms Aid Quantum Computing

Artificial atoms create stable qubits for quantum computing. In a breakthrough for quantum computing, researchers at UNSW Sydney have made much improved ...Nothing found

UoN Professor Latest Fulbright

Trade law researcher awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarship. Professor Lisa Toohey has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to research abroad. ...Nothing found

If You See a Saw Fish

In January 2019 researchers from Sharks and Rays Australia called on Australians to report sightings of sawfish: in the wild; in old photos ...Nothing found

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