Natural Contaminant Threat to Drinking Groundwater

Climate change and urbanisation are set to threaten groundwater drinking water quality. By Caroline Tang.  Groundwater is the main source ...Nothing found

Solving a mystery in 126 dimensions

After 90 years, scientists reveal the structure of benzene. One of the fundamental mysteries of chemistry has been solved by Australian scientists ...Nothing found

Asteroid Bennu Features Named

Twelve features on Asteroid Bennu, the subject of NASA’s first mission to bring an asteroid sample back to Earth, have been given official names. ...Nothing found

Caring for Stroke Patients Harder in the Bush

Research from North West Tasmania shows the difficulties in caring for stroke patients in rural Australia. The research, from the University of ...Nothing found

Astronomers Watch Young Planet Develop

Scientists rare chance to watch faraway star system evolve. At only 1% the age of the Sun, the ...Nothing found

Hunter Economy Subdued ~ HRF

Hunter businesses retain optimism but households pessimistic. Businesses’ expectations for the Hunter economy for the next 12 months somewhat optimistic and steady ...Nothing found

Artificial Atoms Aid Quantum Computing

Artificial atoms create stable qubits for quantum computing. In a breakthrough for quantum computing, researchers at UNSW Sydney have made much improved ...Nothing found

UoN Professor Latest Fulbright

Trade law researcher awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarship. Professor Lisa Toohey has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to research abroad. ...Nothing found

If You See a Saw Fish

In January 2019 researchers from Sharks and Rays Australia called on Australians to report sightings of sawfish: in the wild; in old photos ...Nothing found

Join FluTrack to Inform Spread of Virus

Join FluTracking survey to monitor potential coronavirus outbreak in Australia. FluTracking, the national online influenza surveillance system, will start today to track ...Nothing found

Ocean Warming ~ Beware the Tipping Point

Ancient Antarctic ice melt increased sea levels by 3+ metres - and it could happen again. Antarctic's Patriot Hills blue ice sheet. ...Nothing found

Commercial Satellite Swarms Destroying Astronomy

Starlink satellites on their way to parking orbit. Image by IAU. Corporations are the new colonialists, stealing space real estate much as ...Nothing found

Medical Strategy to Stop Melanoma Spread

Scientists from the Centenary Institute have developed a therapeutic strategy that could potentially help the fight against advanced-stage melanoma. Dr Shweta Tikoo, ...Nothing found

UoN ARC Grants Success

Local researchers succeed in latest ARC Linkage funding. Two University of Newcastle researchers and a research team have been awarded more than $1.7 million ...Nothing found

Obesity-cancer Link Research

New research to investigate link between obesity and endometrial cancer. Hunter researchers have been awarded a $600,000 grant to investigate the link between obesity ...Nothing found

Kids Vulnerable to Rice-based Arsenic

Rice snacks targeting Australian children contain arsenic above EU guidelines: study. Rice snacks for kids found in Australian supermarkets contain arsenic at ...Nothing found

Yet Another Reason to Quit Smoking

Smoking increases risk of complications after surgery, joint WHO study finds. People who smoke cigarettes are at a significantly higher risk of ...Nothing found

Climate? No Worries Say 1581 CEOs

CEO Pessimism Over Global Growth Reaches Record High. ...climate change does not appear in the top ten threats to CEOs' growth ...Nothing found

Whooping Cough Becoming Superbug

Australia needs a new whooping cough vaccine. Whooping cough bacteria are becoming smarter at colonising and feeding off unwitting hosts - whether ...Nothing found

Yes, There Are Magnetic Explosions

By Dr. Tony Phillips** Explosions in Earth’s magnetic field happen all the time. ... 10 times the energy of ...Nothing found

Battery Technology Overtakes Liberal Party Election Rhetoric

Deriding Labor’s electric vehicle policy in the recent federal election campaign, Energy Minister Angus Taylor said “you've got to remember Australia is a country where ...Nothing found

Bacterial link in coeliac disease

Bacterial exposure has been identified as a potential environmental risk factor in developing coeliac disease, a hereditary autoimmune-like condition that affects about one in 70 ...Nothing found

“Prosperity’s Children” Don’t Have Jobs

Stubborn rate of youth unemployment hits 265,000 young Australians. Nearly one in five unemployed young people have been out of work for a ...Nothing found

Eye Inflammation Linked to Tattoos

Think before you ink - the hidden risk tattoos may pose to your vision. As they grow in popularity, The Royal Victorian Eye ...Nothing found

The Effects of Living with Pain

Research: Chronic pain might cause personality changes. Australian researchers have found that people with chronic pain experience physical alterations in their brain suspected ...Nothing found

Lack of Local Training and Skills Will Doom Australia

Homegrown solutions to technology skills shortage. Compounding the current critical shortage of high-tech qualified workers, Australian-based businesses and workers educated and trained in ...Nothing found

Censorship of Science Rampant

Is there suppression of ecological and conservation science? “Science suppression” is keeping the media, public and even policymakers in the dark on topics ...Nothing found

ARENA Moves on Commercial Hydrogen

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced a $70 million fund to fast track the development of renewable hydrogen in Australia. ARENA’s hydrogen funding ...Nothing found

How Galaxies Spin

Sky survey provides clues to how they change over time. The direction in which a galaxy spins depends on its mass, researchers have ...Nothing found

Aussie Explorer Takes on Antarctica

Veteran Australian explorer begins “The Longest Journey” across Antarctica. Dr. Geoff Wilson begins his solo 5800 km Antarctica journey Australian explorer ...Nothing found

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