JobMaker Just Slogan as TAFE Starves

Government Must Invest in Under-Funded, Outdated TAFE for Skills-Led COVID-19 Recovery By Geoff Crittenden Chief Executive Officer of Weld Australia Prime Minister ...Nothing found

Secrecy Overreach Disturbing ~ Law Council

Pauline Wright, President, Law Council of Australia. The Law Council of Australia is disappointed that the ban ...Nothing found

The Coal Curse

Resources, climate and Australia’s future. Judith Brett explores the consequences of Australia’s coal addiction, from stalled climate-change policy to tensions between ...Nothing found

Final Salvo for the Year

Letter to the Editor. Dear Editor, What a huge six months we’ve had. As we continued to battle the worst drought in ...Nothing found

Press Pause on Firing up CSG

James Jackson ~ NSW Farmers President . NSW Farmers urges the NSW government to press pause on any proposal to re-commence coal seam ...Nothing found

Mandatory Minimum Sentences Misconceived, Abhorrent ~ Law Council

The Law Council urges against mandatory minimum sentences. The Law Council calls on the Federal Government to reconsider their push for mandatory ...Nothing found

Charities to Pollies: Thanks, but Needy First, Please

Dear Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers, We write to thank you for your support of charities and not-for-profit organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  ...Nothing found

GPs Speak Out on “Anti-vaxxers”

By Dr Harry Nespolon, President, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Celebrity chef Pete Evans appears to have modified his language when ...Nothing found

Celebrity Chef Claims Expertise in Epidemiology

RACGP speaks out against Pete Evans' radio interview. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has spoken out against celebrity chef Pete Evans ...Nothing found

Waiting for the Government to Fall on its Sword

By Greg Cameron* For eight years, the NSW government’s terms for developing a container terminal at the Port of Newcastle have been crystal clear: ...Nothing found

Another Leftie Spacewaste

I notice the usual socialist overtones pervading yet another sorry attempt at a political “blog.” You lefties just never give up. It’s always neoliberal ...Nothing found

Never Waste a Crisis

Authoritarian regimes are using the pandemic as a way to strengthen their grip on power.  A blame-shifting trend is noticeable in ...Nothing found

Court Decision Questions ‘permanent casual’ Work Model

Federal Court decision in the matter of WorkPac v Rossato questions the ‘permanent casual’ work model commonplace in mining and other parts of the economy. ...Nothing found

Councils Wary of Planning Minister Intervention

NSW councils will work with the State Government to help fast-track community infrastructure projects, but will seek new powers to provide balance before allowing Ministers ...Nothing found

World Vaccination Cost Perspective

Vaccinating the poorest half of humanity – 3.7 billion people – against the COVID-19 coronavirus could cost less than the ten biggest pharmaceutical companies make ...Nothing found

Councils Welcome Overturn of Attempted Power Grab

Attempts to make it easier for NSW Government Ministers to intervene in council operations were rejected in State Parliament overnight (13 May) with the protection ...Nothing found

Surveillance Proponents Never Waste a Crisis

The Law Council of Australia is very concerned with some aspects of the proposed amendments to the Australian Security and Intelligence Act 1975 (Cth) (ASIO ...Nothing found

Dairy farmers urged to use new mandatory code.

NSW Farmers urges dairy farmers to use the mandatory dairy code of conduct as processors prepare to announce new milk prices. ...Nothing found

Remembering the War in Europe

Dear Editor It is difficult to imagine the emotions felt 75 years ago on 8 May 1945 when Victory in Europe was ...Nothing found

Many Questions Plague the COVIDsafe App

By Roger Clarke1. … the government is doing very little to allay the impression that the scheme is adaptable and ...Nothing found

Running on Fumes

Leaked Defence report highlights Australia's supply chain vulnerability and need for urgent solutions. Kurnell, formerly a crude oil refinery, now receives ...Nothing found

NSW’s False Container Development Policy

Dear Mr. Perrottet, I refer to the NSW government’s policy on container facility development, which came into effect on July 27 2012. The policy ...Nothing found

High Court Decision Still Leaves Journalists Exposed

High Court Smethurst decision highlights ongoing vulnerability. Ms. Pauline Wright. President, Law Council of Australia While the Australian Federal ...Nothing found

Vanity or Safety?

An open letter to the State Premiers and members of the National Cabinet from the Australian Hairdressing Council. Dear Ministers,  ...Nothing found

Hope from heartache – an Easter message from The Salvation Army

Dear Editor, It is true to say our world in recent weeks has changed dramatically. Many will question what the future holds, ...Nothing found

ACOSS: ‘Huge relief’ at Doubling of Newstart

Cassandra Goldie, CEO Australian Council of Social Service The increase to the Jobseeker Allowance, formerly known as Newstart, and the Youth ...Nothing found

Open letter to governments across Australia

Dear Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers This is a very challenging time for all governments in Australia and around the world ...Nothing found

Government-fuelled Largess is Obscene

The Sydney Morning Herald reveals a “billion dollar private school building boom” that further exposes the defenceless funding priorities of state and federal ...Nothing found

ACCC Report confirms insurers shouldn’t play doctor

Today’s ACCC report into private health insurers paints a disturbing picture of deceptive behaviour and declining affordability and value driving the industry’s ...Nothing found

Up Whose Creek?

A friend residing in Minmi shared a link to your website, Newcastle on Hunter, and, frankly, I’m as puzzled as she was. You seem ...Nothing found

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