Mayfield Repainted

Passing Parade Despite the constant din of traffic, dysfunction and endemic ugliness, Mayfield’s main street can be a pleasant venue – at least, from one of ...Nothing found

Singleton’s Big Party ~ Howe’s That!

As mining cancerously erodes St. Patrick Plains’ alluvial bounty - “the finest sheep country he (John Howe) had seen since leaving England” - ...Nothing found

To a Higher Court

Newcastle courthouse now stands as one of the most notable buildings in Newcastle, an iconic and welcoming facility that meets the client brief of connection ...Nothing found

Autumn Gown

May in Newcastle - calm mild days, cool nights. A stretch of tranquil weather let fallen leaves carpet footpaths at Islington. The accumulation is ...Nothing found

Muloobinba Leaves Newcastle

Bound for South Africa, Newcastle's floating dock Muloobinba ends 34 years service Muloobinba was launched in Japan 4 November 1977 and towed by the ...Nothing found

Lake auger mine augurs ill

Lake Macquarie, one of Australia’s east coast watery treasures, has lived with coal mining and assorted industries for 200 years. It endured toxic emissions ...Nothing found

19 Goes for a Spin

Early morning on Kooragang Island, Tuesday, 12 May 2009. Sound asleep among the trees, South Maitland Railways (SMR) No. 19 steam locomotive stirred, oblivious to ...Nothing found

Light Rail on Heavy Tracks

We each imagine how this town might be, but lack knowledge, experience, and expertise to think it through to detailed, workable, even exciting plans. A ...Nothing found

A Day on the Harbour (or two)

Nothing is more impressive than a cruise ship up close Newcastle’s harbour is compact and very accessible, which makes ship watching a passive interest ...Nothing found

Farewells to a Grand Old Dame

In late 2006 Newcastle’s most famous building, the Palais Royale, was partially demolished. A year later its street front was sadly and brutally flattened. ...Nothing found

The Illustrated Town

First, some protocol.  Locals can say “Kurri” but you and I are advised to say “Kurri Kurri.” Image ~ Kind permission of Chris Fussell ...Nothing found

Passion Over Pasha Bulker

MV Pasha Bulker leaves Newcastle Harbour 26 July 2007 for repairs in Japan Eleven o'clock departure time was an hour ago, yet ...Nothing found

Gully Line ~ The Drain

Gully Line under Lambton Road looking north-east, flowing to Throsby Creek Remnants of the actual “Gully Line” coal rail ...Nothing found

No French Bomb Tests

Protest graffiti in Newcastle is sparse. It might be more common than we know, obfuscated as elaborate tags, or inferred by image or word ...Nothing found

Gracelands Reminisce

Remember Gracelands on Violet Town Road, Belmont North? One of our region’s outstanding Christmas displays. Here’s a few memories for you. Maybe you were there ...Nothing found

The Fleeting Glory of KA-11

Newcastle loves boats. The harbour, foreshores, breakwaters, and beaches make boat-watching an easy and inviting pleasure. When a special maritime visitor draws crowds of Novocastrians from their ...Nothing found

Tale of an Australian Trader

At daybreak on the 17 February, 1969, media crews arrived at Newcastle’s State Dockyard site at Carrington’s Dyke End peninsular. Above ~ ...Nothing found

Stockton ~ The Disappearing

Crowds and a procession of cars inspect the aftermath of a winter storm in 1948 Late in the afternoon of Sunday, 20th June 1948, Henry Skilton ...Nothing found

Three Sinkings and Two Beachings

Illalong at final resting place 5 klm south of Redhead ~ from the H.G.Skilton Collection.  The Little Coastal Steamer that Never Gave Up In March 1908, shipping ...Nothing found

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