The Coastal Steamer that Introduced two Bloggers

Throsby’s Boambee article was based on local photographer Henry Skilton’s recordings of a day at Redhead Beach soon after the steamer beached there. ...Nothing found

‘Chum’ Skilton ~ Accidental Historian

Is it ever surprising to find, in some quiet suburban street, at least one seemingly ordinary citizen creating marvels of excellence? Pictured ...Nothing found

There’s even a national treasure at Minmi

What else can I say? The Hunter Region's most vocal bush orator, award-winning folklorist and author Bob Skelton AKA ...Nothing found

Aerial Drone Vision ~ the New Relaxation Therapy

Mornings on the piazza at Throsby’s leafy mansion – tucked tastefully upon the verdant banks of ...Nothing found

Glinda the Squirrel Glider

Yet another grand local blog, inspired by encounters with local Westlakes fauna. Sadly silent after a productive period in 2017, Glinda explores the active ...Nothing found

Hunter Street History Update

Spero Davias has dropped another update on his labour of love, the History of Hunter Street, “a Historical Chronological List of ‘Who was ...Nothing found

View From King Street

Wayne’s dry observations provide an urbanite take on the changing face of inner Newcastle, and what it really does – or actually does ...Nothing found

Spero’s Blogs

Owner of Spero Electronics, whose brightly coloured panel vans frequented city streets in the 80s, and of Sound World, a prominent local music retailer, also ...Nothing found

City Hippy Farm Girl

Seems to have carved out a bloggist livelihood in lieu of self-sufficiency on a small surburban plot – let alone a farmlet. ...Nothing found

Thru My Lens

The lens cap has been on a while and we hope John is still doing fine. This blog ceased in 2012 after a ...Nothing found

Marcus, where art thou?

In 2008 Marcus founded Renew Newcastle with his own funds and energy. It’s a low budget, not for profit, DIY urban ...Nothing found


Sam has our number, us uppity photographers of downity Newie, and our “ visual obsession with Newcastle’s fibro shacks, brick shithouses, and the like..” ...Nothing found

A New Recyclist

PeterMc’s persistent articles on his long-running site is an ongoing love affair with old bikes. Strongly suspect he’s a Novocastrian but, even ...Nothing found

Bicycles in Newcastle

Last posted in September 2016. What is it about 2016 that caused so many excellent bloggers (ahem, bloggists) to down keyboards and ...Nothing found

Swamp Life

Christine has managed to tame Tumblr with a theme that provides good access to her articles. There’s a list of potential Tumblr sites ...Nothing found

Wallaby Gully Babbler

Love these touches from our Hunter Valley folk. Wallaby Gully, eh? Want more! Most recent post is 15 March 2017. ...Nothing found

Bit of This ‘n That

Lachlan is a prolific and enquiring blogger of all things local and Hunter. But especially Lambton! A priceless resource. Nothing found

The Novocastrian Files

Another in the long list of blogs we hope will return. Last item on 13 August 2014. ...Nothing found

West End Adventures

Last post 6 January 2016. In a three year run Kimberly added many finely researched articles on significant architectural landmarks. ...Nothing found

Little Eco Footprints

Last post 11 November 2016. A meticulous long-running (2009-2016) local blog with environmental tendencies :0)  But a template for backyard gardens ...Nothing found

Hidden Hamilton

This one became two books and no longer relies on the good intentions of the blogging service. ...Nothing found

Hamilton North

This prolific photoblogger scoured the nooks of Hamilton North from July 2011 till April 2016, then moved to Lightning Ridge and carried right ...Nothing found

Found in Newcastle

Last post in May 2013. A curious but worthy photoblog with an eye for small details we normally pass by. “Found.. ...Nothing found

East End Footprints

Last article March 2014, of six interesting photoblogging articles. I’m Lauren, a writer and expat from Indiana ...Nothing found

All the Streets in Newcastle

Last update 14 March 2014. A beautiful collaboration by two wonderful people: Rose and Tania. Hi ...Nothing found

Heritage and Historical Listing

The Party aims to protect Newcastle’s culturally important landmarks in the Coal River Precinct that were only recently placed on the NSW Heritage ...Nothing found

Hunter Living Histories

The University of Newcastle’s Coal River Working Party is a historical research group formed in 2003 by then Dr (now Professor) Erik Eklund ...Nothing found

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