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Research projects tackling some of the environmental challenges confronting Lake Macquarie could be eligible for funding under an Environmental Research Grants scheme.

Lake Macquarie City Council is offering individual grants of up to $8000 for research that has clear benefits for the City, and whose outcomes could help shape Council’s environmental management strategies.

Manager Environmental Systems Tim Browne said Council and sponsors had provided more than 145 research grants since the introduction of the program in 1987.

The projects we have funded reflect the diversity of Lake Macquarie’s incredible natural environments,” Mr. Browne said.

They’ve covered everything from the impact of jetties on seagrass beds to methods of sand dune restoration, and from surveying erosion in the Cockle Creek catchment to investigating the distribution of rare plants throughout the City.”

A more recent grant has helped fund research by University of Technology Sydney School of Life Sciences PhD student Reannan Honey into the restoration of tree hollows for native animals.

Ms. Honey is investigating habitat sites across the City, monitoring their use, tracking uptake of custom-made nesting boxes and cataloguing species that frequent each place.

Without the grant and support of Council, much of this research would not have happened,” Ms. Honey said.

The funding has been essential in providing me with equipment needed such as trapping materials, nest boxes, and microchip detection loggers.”

Mr. Browne said Ms. Honey’s research findings “could have a real impact on the future of these sites”.

When awarding these grants, we’re aiming for the research projects to help us and other stakeholders adjust management strategies and plan remedial or preventative works where required,” he said.

Research submissions will be judged on a variety of criteria, including potential benefits to Lake Macquarie, scientific rigour of the proposed research, the researcher’s expertise and experience and how the proposed research fits into the City’s priorities.

This year, we’re particularly interested in projects that haven’t previously attracted research proposals,” Mr. Browne said.

That includes the environmental impact of transport, how we can use smart tech to reach sustainability goals and ways we can use crushed recycled glass.”

Applications close Tuesday 28 January, with money distributed in July. Sponsors of the grants include Hunter Water Corporation, Delta Electricity and Origin Energy.

Go to for more information and to complete an application.

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