AI in Schools ~ Report

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New report seeks to empower students and teachers to thrive in an Artificial Intelligence world.

A new report by researchers from the University of Newcastle aims to assist teachers with the delivery of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies in schools.

The report, led by Associate Professor Erica Southgate with Dr Karen Blackmore and Dr Susan Grimes, provides a roadmap for the future use of this technology and includes the first custom-designed framework for ethical use of the technology in schools.

“While we won’t see teachers being replaced by robots anytime soon, we will see AI being used as intelligent tutors that can identify when a student is struggling to understand a concept and offer them extra resources or different activities to build their knowledge,” said Associate Professor Erica Southgate, an education technology researcher.

Associate Professor Southgate also warns the power of AI comes with great ethical responsibility.

“This is why our report is so important. It educates on AI and it provides a detailed framework for teachers, students and their parents, to ask important questions about the use of the technology in schools.”

The research, which was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education, contains advice to teachers to help them tackle this fast-moving technology.

The report is available here

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