Egg Farmers Reject Battery Cage Claims

Filed under Letters & Opinion ~ by Editor on  15 Aug 2019

Egg Farmers of Australia and NSW Farmers have called out ill-informed activists who are again seeking to target egg farming families and their employees.

NSW Farmers Egg Committee Chair Brett Langfield said activist groups continue to run the line that battery cages systems are used for caged eggs despite them being phased out and replaced with conventional cage systems.

Conventional cages are the current system whereby birds are in small groups of around 6 birds with a minimum area of 550 centimetres square per bird,” Mr Langfield said.

Many submissions to the recent Upper House inquiry into egg production showed that the public are not aware that battery hens are no longer in use.”

It was also noted  in this inquiry that some activist websites are using images that are from abroad and do not truly represent the industry.”

Egg Farmers of Australia CEO Melinda Hashimoto said caged eggs provide a low-cost protein for families on a budget.

We see caged eggs being banned by supermarkets when all systems, caged, barn and free range are required to feed the nation.  Well managed cage systems meet national standards that have the highest levels of hen health and bio-security,” Mrs Hashimoto said. 

The pressure on egg supply is due to drought-induced high feed prices and decisions by retailers, not the type of egg production system.”

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