Blackhawk Down? Worse. Twitter Down

Filed under Serendipity ~ by Throsby on  11 Jul 2019

Throsby told them not to do it. He begged them.

But, nooo, they just had to try a “new Twitter.”

There’s a saying amongst techies that has largely replaced the eternal Murphy’s Law (“If something can go wrong, it will”).

And it seems lost on some people. The chant of 21st century hi-tech is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

So, Australians this morning awoke to the most shattering news since, well, social media was invented.

Twitter is down.

Twitterers trying to log on to the social network as Throsby writes (at sparrow’s fart on Friday morning) aren’t having much luck. What appears is a message saying "Something is technically wrong."

Fortunately, as panic gripped his heart  – and the horizon rushed towards, while the foreground receded – NewcastleOnHunter’s several other Twitter accounts, accessed via several different web browsers, all reported they, too, were “technically wrong.”

So the primary Twitter account wasn’t blocked, banned, or broken – an event equivalent to returning home from a trip to the shop for Corn Flakes and discovering one’s house missing. Or bikies have commandeered it.  Or something.

Techically wrong… yeah, right

Throsby worked 3 decades in broadcast media. Whenever the news team or the sales team or the operations team stuffed up, an announcement would go out that “We are experiencing technical difficulies.”

Which made the techies and engineers howl in anger, as that was making them the patsies, even though their complex gear was purring along, the news team or the sales team, etc., just couldn’t admit they stuffed up.

Blame the techies.

At Twitter right now all is fine except for that management or sales or media team’s decision to break something. I’ll betcha.

One thing’s for sure.

Awakening to a Twitterless universe sucks the meaning from life.

Now Throsby knows how people of faith must feel when their church burns down.

Lord, why hath thou forsaken me?

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