Cessnock Council plea: Stop giving rubbish to charities.

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Have you recently visited a local charity shop and received a “Give good or bin it” bag?

Or maybe noticed the “Dumping isn’t giving” posters in the bus stops around Cessnock?

Image credit: David Jackmanson 

To reduce illegal dumping on charity operations, Cessnock City Council has joined local charities in an education and surveillance campaign. Under the campaign, surveillance cameras have been installed at local op shops, and messaging about donating responsibly has been included on signs, posters and bags.

Charities face illegal dumping on a daily basis with items left either outside premises or beside charity bins. Charities also deal with “donations” that are undoubtedly not suitable for sale.

Disposing of unusable “donations” takes away valuable time and resources from volunteers.

Only about 10% of the items left to charities are suitable for resale.  The rest is sent to impoverished communities overseas or is taken to landfill. This work is all at the expense of the charity shops and wastes time and money that would otherwise help local families in need.

If you are unsure if donations are of saleable quality, please go into the op shops and ask if the item is wanted.

The campaign was developed to start a conversation.

Local charities play a vital role in our community helping people in need. As a community we have a responsibility to ensure they can continue their vital work by responsibly disposing of, donating or gifting the items we no longer want.

To find out more about the effects of illegal dumping and what you can do about it visit this council web page.

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