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What is Copyright?

Copyright is automatic ownership granted by international law to creators of original work, such as art, literature, music, photography, etc.

Copyright automatically applies to written and artistic works from the moment they’re created. A content creator doesn’t have to ‘do’ anything to obtain copyright. 

Read more about copyright – especially myths about it – at this website

Good news

1. NewcastleOnHunter grants permission to reprint articles under the licence (further below) – with the obvious exception of items we have reprinted, such as from The Conversation, which are clearly marked.

2. NewcastleOnHunter grants permission to reuse images on this website that are not already attributed* or that DO contain either the ‘NewcastleOnHunter’ watermark and/or the Creative Commons watermark (sample below) under the following conditions:

  • Attribution to NewcastleOnHunter website, with a link where praticable
  • Share-alike. That is, you can change and adapt (remix) and others can remix your remix of our content. But the attribution and non-commercial requirement applies down the chain.

You should mark your re-use or remix of our images with the licence:

Creative Commons License

This licence is explained in detail here: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Do be careful selecting images. Especially those pertaining to council or port operations, which were supplied for explicit use in their press releases.

Flow Chart

Creative Commons Australia has a flow chart that explains far better than words how to license one’s work. It also clearly shows what our licence of choice (just above) allows you to do.

View or download the PDF document from here.

* Unattributed and watermark-free images in news items are frequently generic licence-free downloads from websites such as Pixabay

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