Cameras Detect Drivers Using Phones

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World-first cameras capable of identifying drivers illegally using mobile phones have been switched on at two locations in Sydney for a three month pilot.

Image credit ~ Roads & Maritime Services

Australian company Acusensus has installed cameras on the M4 at Prospect and Anzac Pde Moore Park, following extensive testing last year.


  • Mobile phone detection cameras are operating on the M4 at Prospect and Anzac Parade at Moore Park
  • Pilot phase will run until early April before a possible wider rollout
  • No fines will be issued during this period
  • 74 per cent of the community support the use of cameras to enforce mobile phone offences

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said the cameras use artificial intelligence and can operate day or night and in all weather conditions.

I strongly believe this technology will change driver behaviour. With the start of a new year, I’m urging those who illegally use their phone to start with a new habit. Put your phone away or secure it in a cradle.

    We’ve seen how effective these cameras are. During the month long test period in October, more than 11,000 drivers were detected using a mobile phone illegally,” Mrs Pavey said.

    A decision about the long-term deployment of the cameras will be made after the pilot. The cameras are expected to make more than 5 million observations of vehicles over 90 days.

    Last financial year, around 40,000 fines were issued for illegal mobile phone use while driving with 30 to 39 year old drivers receiving the most fines at 11,695.


    The “Acusensus Heads-Up” system automatically detects any driver illegally using a mobile phone and generates windshield-penetrating high-resolution evidence of phone use.

    It can “detect drivers illegally touching a phone anywhere within the cabin even if they try to hide the phone and hand beneath the steering wheel. It operates day and night in all weather conditions and will detect drivers at speeds up to 300km/h without motion blur and without distortion.

    Sophisticated algorithms automatically detect the driver and determine the likelihood of phone use. This detection can be performed in real time to assist Police operations. In the automated solution, licence plate data remains always encrypted and only viewable by the authority, and human reviewers are presented with images only of the drivers, not passengers or licence plates.

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