Wheelie Smart Bins for Salisbury SA

Filed under Council, Environment & Pollution, News, Technology - IT - AI ~ by Press on  4 Jan 2019

Salisbury Council (Adelaide, SA) has installed two “smart” self-compacting network-connected 120L waste bins and might buy 20 more of varying sizes if trials are successful.

The bins, supplied by Smart City Solutions, are fitted with software and hardware which wirelessly tells the Council’s field services team when they are full.

They are also fitted with sensors and internal compactors which monitor rubbish levels and compact waste, allowing them to hold up to eight-times as much as a standard wheelie bin.

The bins therefore need to be emptied less often and communicate when they’re ready for a collection, eliminating unnecessary collection trips.

Council recently trained and equipping 120 members of the field services team with android tablets for tracking of service jobs.

View video at Smart City Solutions website.

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