Hunter Water Levels in January 2019

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Water levels for Newcastle are higher than at this time last year but, as always, conservation is important.

Hunter Water reports that, at the start of January, 2019, average water level for its four storage sites is 81% and should not decline if average rainfall eventuates, as predicted over the next three months by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Anna Bay is at 56%, Grahamstown and Tomago are each 81% and Chichester is 96% full.

Local water demand, according to Hunter Water, averages almost 200 litres each day – 10% higher than reported by nine other major Australian water utilities. Our water storage suffers the disadvantage of being shallow with high evaporation rates, with the exception of Chichester that has a relatively small capacity.

Lower than average rainfall is always a possibility, in which case levels could fall to 60% and reach level 1 restrictions.

Consumers should always use water sparingly, on the assumption that drought is imminent.

Household water tanks are a permanent recommendation for all city residents, where possible. Retro-fitting is affordable and practical.

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