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Comments are, sadly, closed on the website for reasons of potential liability.

Take note that NewcastleOnHunter actively avoids items of public dispute, especially politics. As it says up top, “mostly good news.”

But we can be soundly thrashed at Twitter or Facebook.

Or you can write a letter to the editor.

Social Media

Commentary or addtional information – or criticism (be kind, or at least civil) – can be offered at:


Comments can be emailed in and, if accompanied by kind thoughts, be appended to the article. Say if you would like that. Also say how you wish to be identified (pen name, suburb, etc.) – or not.


We welcome emails on any matter, to these addresses. If not sure, just pick one:

* Corrections of fact or website enquiries: editor at NewcastleOnHunter dot com

* To send news items to us: press at NewcastleOnHunter dot com

* Letters, articles, or arguments: throsby at NewcastleOnHunter dot com

* Street Art submissions, especially from artists, are most welcome. Attributions, copyright, or submissions are dealt with by throsby, also.

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