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Filed under About ~ by Editor on  30 Sep 2018

Comments are closed but you are most welcome to say nice things to us on Twitter

You can also email lengthy comments or letters to editor at NewcastleOnHunter dot com

Lengthy article comments will be appended to articles, and letters to the editor will appear on the letters page.

Why are comments closed?

Negative and destructive website comments are a part of the game.

Positive and constructive comments by readers are reward and ecouragement for site owners to continue banging head against wall.

However, while unpleasant commentary by readers is tolerable, undetected or unintended legal risk within reader contributions is an overriding consideration for small non-profit outfits such as this one.

Emails welcome

Comments, corrections of fact, or “letters to the editor” are welcome, and will be appended to articles or added to a letters page.

Anyone taking the time to email us likely has a worthwhile contribution.

Otherwise, there’s always Twitter!

~ Ed.

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