The Teapot Who Tells

Filed under Serendipity ~ by Throsby on  1 Jun 2017

So, about me. I’m a little teapot, short and stout. And please, stop right there.

I live on a family dining table where meals and random coffee breaks transpire. And kindly overlook my apprehension at the term “breaks.”

My new owner is named Throsby. He makes the weird mob seem normal. You’ll hear more about him as we go.

Australians. You know. The Weird Mob.

In these essays I’ll be sharing my adventures – primarily from the kitchen table, but as often as not from the dining room, too, where a big electric window on the world resides. My good friends live in the kitchen. You’ll meet them as I ramble on down the line.


Born in China almost 200 years ago (that astounds me too), I’ve served about 8 families and travelled to England, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Rhodesia, South Africa, and finally settled in Australia via New Zealand.

Newcastle, Australia, to be precise.

Yes, mainly a “British” experience.

You see, I’m a Chinese, well, Canton export “drum-shaped” teapot in rose medallion.

Which explains why I still exist. We are surprisingly difficult to topple, empty or full, or to crush in storage.

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