Not Street Art, Not Wall Art

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It’s crop art.

We don’t do commercials, but still cannot ignore a good story related to art in Hunter.

The media release arrived with three grand aerial photographs of large circles impressed on a Scone oat crop.

The 150m x 125m artwork in a sleepy oat crop paddock in the middle of ‘beef country’ has mystified locals since it first appeared on Saturday.  The source and meaning behind its unique planetary design has been highly speculated.

Remember the crop circle hoaxes, and how unbelievable they were at first because of the apparent difficulty and improbability that a person would either wish to do it or be capable of creating such large and accurate designs across a landscape.

Meat & Livestock Australia spokesperson Lachlan Bowtell said the puzzling artwork was created by professional UK crop circle artist Julian Richardson to represent the position of the planets at the exact moment of our winter solstice – the longest night of the year – but with a mysterious looking replacement for the sun.

A quick Google reveals Julian Richardson’s website and that Julian is not just a “crop circle” guy, but a highly-skilled “land artist” whose primary field is sandy beaches.

However, that’s not important. Continuing with the primary message:

This crop circle was designed to introduce the Beef Oracle, positioned in the centre of the design. His message, communicated through this crop circle, is for all Australians to make sure they cook and enjoy a hearty beef winter meal to celebrate the longest night of the year – and to consult the oracle if you need help with going about it,” he added.

On the Scone location, Lachlan said that it was only natural that the Beef Oracle would choose the Hunter Valley region to make his mark, given its beef country surroundings.

In Australia the winter solstice will fall on Saturday June 21.

All about crop circles at

Images supplied by Hausmann Communications on behalf of Meat & Livestock Australia.

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