More Off-road Cycleways a Must

Filed under Letters & Opinion ~ by Editor on  19 Aug 2013

My heart goes out to the family of the cyclist who lost his life on Minmi Road yesterday.

The Hunter needs more off road cycleways and this tragedy highlights the need for cycleways to protect cyclists.

As a keen cyclist, I know the dangers faced every day in sharing roads with cars and trucks.

I call on Newcastle City Council to use their long held section 94 grants to widen Minmi Road and include a cycleway.  This road is a major connector road to Maryland, Fletcher and Minmi with virtually no protection for cyclists who travel along this road.

This area is continually growing with a new development of over 3300 dwellings planned for the near future, and more people mean more cars, trucks and cyclists.

We should be encouraging people to cycle, but the lack of cycleways and the dangers this poses for cyclists discourages many from doing so.

I was pleased to support funding through the 2011 Community Building Partnership program for a shared pathway along Minmi Road through Maryland/Fletcher and look forward to seeing the completion of this project in the very near future.

An extension of this pathway for the full length of Minmi Road is warranted and I will be making representation to the Government and the Council to work together to achieve this outcome.

Sonia Hornery MP
Member for Wallsend

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