50 People Who Stuffed Up Australia

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There is a need from time to time to take stock of where we have been and where we are now, and wonder where it all went wrong.

For it has always gone wrong, it will never come good, you have always known that it would never be all right, as Portugal’s Max Walker, Ferdinand Pessoa, wrote in the yuk-a-minute ‘Book of Disquiet’.

We assess what could have been, take stock of all the moments where it failed to happen, and when we have nothing but a collection of failed moments, drawing us away from what is now a null set of hopes and possibilities, then that is who we are …  Guy Rundle

From Gina Rinehart to Bob Brown, Tony Abbott to the Great Rainbow Serpent – our once-great land has had its fair share of nitwits. Come on a trawl through them all, with Guy Rundle (and Dexter Rightwad), on the bin night Australia had to have.

About the authors

Guy Rundle is a writer, editor, producer and journalist, inter alia. A frequent contributor to The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and all media – except the 70 per cent owned by the Murdochs, at time of writing – he was a co-editor of Arena Magazine for many years. On the stage he wrote four shows for Max Gillies: Club Republic, Your Dreaming, The Big Con, and Godzone. In television, he claims joint responsibility for Get a Life, Backberner, Comedy Inc., and more doomed pilots than the World War Two Japanese air command. He is currently correspondent-at-large for Crikey online daily.
Dexter Rightwad has been a warrior for righteousness ever since his days as a student politician, when he was responsible for the ‘Hang Nelson Mandela’ campaign, and went on to be a special advisor to Warworth Bailliwade, minister assisting the Minister for Aviation Support in the Dean Brown government, during the ‘golden days of South Australian regional aerodrome servicing’. He has had many roles in the great cultural struggle, including diverting Catholic school grants to political slush funds for B A Santamaria, founding the Australia-Suharto Friendship Society, and fathering Billy McMahon’s children. He is currently researching links between extreme weather events and gay marriage.

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